To Register for an ONLINE course through VLCFF/Dayton

To Register for an ONLINE course through The McGrath Institute - University of Notre Dame

University of Dayton - VLCFF

  • Do NOT register for VLCFF certificate programs, as they do not match our requirements.  Do NOT complete the added exercise in the courses called “Certificate Program Students Only” 


  • You will receive a certificate of completion for each course you complete. 


Registration Instructions 

  1. Start by watching both videos under “Explore OurPrograms” at ( Being a new student, they will help you understand the courses immensely.

  2. Create a profile (if you do not already have one). Select “Log In” in the top right corner of the website, followed by “create a profile”. Be sure to add Archdiocese of St. Louis. Fill in needed information and submit your profile. (remember your username and password for future reference)

  3. Check the course calendar for registration dates: During registration, login to your VLCFF account and select “register for a course.” Please note: if you see a waiting list for the course you wish to take, look just under it to see if there is a B section open.  The B after the course title only indicates the second section open – it is the same course.  C is the third section, and soon.

  4. Order any needed books (covered in the video and will be listed in your registration email).

  5. On the day your course begins, log into your VLCFF account. Scroll down to “My Current Courses” Select the link and enjoy the course!

  6. Submit your registration confirmation email to your school or parish for reimbursement (if needed).

Questions?  Contact Laura Franklin at University of Dayton, or 937.229.3113


University of Notre Dame McGrath Institute - STEP

  • Do NOT register for certificate programs, as they do not match our requirements


Registration Instructions

  1. Go to the website

  2. Click on the text “Online Courses” in the white, top navigation bar.

  3. Click in the box “STEP Online Courses” for courses in English.

  4. Scroll down and click on the box “Courses and Registration.”

  5. Search for the title of the course you're taking. Upcoming courses are in the top box and all others can be found listed below.

  6. Once on the course description page, click “Register.”

  7. Click on the drop-down box next to "Choose Course Section" to select desired session dates and click “Continue.”

  8. On the next page, select your diocesan discount and click "Proceed to Checkout."

  9. On the Buyer Information page, enter your name, address and all required fields and click "Continue" at bottom right on the page.

  10. On the Delivery Address page, skip the “Login” box and enter your address and verify email. Then click “Checkout as Guest.”  

  11. On Payment Method page, select "credit card" and enter required information.

  12. On the next page, review your order and then click on “Submit Order.”

  13. Lastly, check your email inbox for a receipt to confirm that STEP processed your order.



Generous financial support for the VLCFF and STEP partnerships

and the Religious Education Certification Reimbursement Fund

was provided for our archdiocese by the

Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus. 

This funding was made possible by the annual, statewide,

Religious Information Bureau (R.I.B) collection.

Get INFORMATION about the Missouri Knights of Columbus,


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