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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Articles and Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the world in which we live and work and is being used in both academia and the workplace. Rightfully so, educators are asking such questions as: "Exactly what is AI?  Should I use it?  Should I allow students to use it?  What are its implications?" 

Through the use of this site and in-person peer conversations, the Office of Catholic Education and Formation will provide up-to-date AI information and opportunities in hopes that we will grow our AI understanding and learn together.  


March 5, 2024:

  • ISTE's Guidance, Resources and Opportunity for Teachers in AI – Scroll through this entire page, especially the "Hands on Guide for AI Projects in the Classroom."

  • AI Toolkit for School Leaders and Teachers – This toolkit advises policy and educators with continued knowledge concerning AI (webinar to be viewed).


February 6, 2024:

January 9, 2024:

November 21, 2023:

November 7, 2023:

  • Current State of AI for Educators (several helpful articles):

October 24, 2023: 


  • State of Missouri: Manual for Considerations When Preparing AI Conduct

Issues Posed by Generative AI for Teaching and Learning (

September 26, 2023:

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